3 Great Auditions Week 1-Danyl – Joseph- Stacey

3 Great Auditions Week 1-Danyl – Joseph- Stacey

Danyl – Joseph- Stacey

27-year-old Danyl has been teaching for a number of years and absolutely loves it, but has another passion – singing. To have confidence is a good thing during an audition, but to own the stage at the first audition is surely fantastic.

18-year-old Joe from South Shields immediately got a yes from Cheryl before he started singing! But will he be able to perform well enough to impress the other judges? Singing a very difficult song on his first audition was a brave move – can his talent win the audience over?

19-year-old single mother Stacey hails from Dagenham, Essex takes to the stage for her audition in front of a huge audience. What comes out of her mouth certainly surprises the judges – even Simon! Does Stacey have The X Factor?