Danyl Johnson – Has he done the Best audition of all time? – X Factor 2009

Danyl Johnson – Has he done the Best audition of all time? – X Factor 2009

The second half of audition show one saw us head up to Simon’s homeland, which for this week at least, happened to be Glasgow… and waiting for them was Scotland’s biggest Girls Aloud fan, Kyle.

Kyle’s audition started bizarrely and seemed to only get odder as time went on. Firstly Louis confused the young Scotsman by asking him if he had any pets.

“Yes, my mum,” Kyle replied. So far so strange. But things took a turn for the worse when the 16-year-old student began to sing the Girls Aloud number, Untouchable.

After a strained, high-pitched rendition, not even a biased Cheryl could save his chances of progressing any further.

“Do something you’re good at,” was Simon’s advice as he left the stage.

If Kyle’s audition was a bit weird, what came along next was like something out of the twilight zone! Introducing John and Edward, the 17-year-old twins from Dublin, with big hair and egos to match!

After warming up the crowd and annoying Simon Cowell, the twins got on with delivering a pretty decent version of As Long As You Love Me by the Backstreet Boys.

“That was not very good and incredibly annoying,” Simon told the confident Irishmen, although the other judges were not quite sure.

“There is something intriguing about you two,” said Cheryl, with Louis confirming that John and Edward “looked like popstars”.

Dannii admitted she liked the pair, despite being: “the cockiest couple of singers I have ever come across.” Three yeses to Simon’s no, meant the identical brothers were through to bootcamp.

We then saw a theatrical display of teenage petulance thanks to the Triple Trouble trio, followed by an audition to remember by Duane Lamonte.

Finally the first show of the new series ended with Danyl Johnson’s “perfect audition”. An audition so good, it was hard not to get goose-pimples at its finale.

Danyl, a 27-year-old school teacher from Reading blew the minds of judges, the 2,000-strong audience, and undoubtedly the millions of people watching at home with his electric rendition of With A Little Help From My Friends.

“I thank God you came in today!” Louis yelled over the crowd’s riotous applause.

“I’d take you in my category right now!” Cheryl told him, for Dannii his performance was “perfect”.

The best praise however was saved until last.

“I’ve been doing this eight or nine years.” said Simon: “And that was single-handedly the best first audition I have EVER heard!”

And with that the first audition show was over…

Viva The X Factor!