Danyl Johnson – Who is he?

Danyl Johnson – Who is he?

After whipping the audience into a frenzy, receiving a rare standing ovation and his performance being hailed “the single best first audition” by the impenetrable Simon Cowell,  it’s not hard to see why Danyl Johnson thought it might be a good idea to audition for this year’s X Factor.

But according to the 27-year-old teacher from Reading it took, ahem,  A Little Help From His Friends to finally take the plunge.

We spoke to Danyl backstage, still on a soaring high after his mind-blowing performance and it seems we have his pupils to thank for the talented teacher bounding onto our screens.

“I said to the kids if I did really well I would sing at the end of term… I sang and they went absolutely insane! They went mental! They were, like, ‘you should do The X Factor!’  he explained excitedly. “So I thought, ok maybe I should.”

Until now Danyl has had the tricky task of keeping his audition a secret from his students.

“I still haven’t told them…I can’t wait!” he revealed. “But I wanna make sure I do them proud.”

After his riotous routine on stage we think the secret might be out for the dance and drama teacher and we’re sure he’ll receive straight A’s from his proud pupils.

Not only does this self-confessed “free spirit” have a love for belting out a tune, but Danyl can also add song-writing to his repertoire.

“I’d love to write for myself and others, as well as performing.” he confessed.

And with bootcamp now on the cards we can look forward to discovering what other talents this teacher’s pet has up his sleeve…