Lucie Jones X Factor 2009 –

Lucie Jones X Factor 2009 –

“Are you sure you want to do that song?” Were the confidence boosting words Simon Cowell uttered after young Lucie Jones walked on stage and announced her song choice as I Will Always Love You.

A bold choice indeed. But, undeterred, the Welsh lass stuck to her guns and went on to put the panel in their place and give a performance of a lifetime.

Before Lucie let her powerful set of lungs loose on the audience, we weaved our way through the army of supporters to have a chat with her backstage. It turns out the girl with a big voice, from a little village has an even bigger dream.

“The dream for me is to sing to millions of people, sell records and to be a recognised singer, not just some girl who was on The X Factor… I wanna be that amazing singer that was on The X Factor!” Lucie explained, full of pre-performance anticipation.

However, since completing her A-Levels before the auditions, Lucie admits she’s been leading a life a world away from the glitz and glamour of pop stardom.

“I’m a barmaid in a club in Cardiff, working until five in the morning every night! So I’m pretty nocturnal at the moment.” she revealed. “Not quite the dream but I’m getting there!”

Even with essays to be written, pints to be pulled and a teenage social calendar to maintain Lucie has jumped at every opportunity to perform for an audience.

“I’ve sang at a few weddings. It feels good to help make someone’s night special… I want to do that for people. To have them hear me sing and enjoy it”

And going by the reactions of the judges following her audition, Lucie’s is a rare case of “I want” well and truly getting.

“You were born to sing!” Gushed Louis. “I predict everything’s going to change for you from this day on.”

“This is why we came to Wales.” Followed Simon.

Four affirmatives later and an ecstatic Lucie was through to bootcamp and a giant step closer to achieving her dreams.