First Week’s voting ended up in Dead lock and in the end Kandy Rain got Voted off.

Week 2 Rikki Loney voted off. Week 3 Miss Frank voted off. Week 4 Rachel Adedeji voted off.

Week 5 Lucie Jones voted off sadly . Week 6 ? Jamie Afro got voted off.

Now enjoy the Highlights of last nights show here inΒ  Week 6 X Factor Results

Dance show news –Look out for New dance show soon to shown in BBC 1 So You Think You Can Dance check out here so you think you can dance uk

Justin Bibers New book release check out first step 2 forever

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x-factor-2009_rachelglamour1 x-factor-2009_staceyglamour1 x-factor-2009_lucyglamour1
x-factor-2009_lloydglamour1 x-factor-2009_rikkiglamour1 x-factor-2009_josephglamour1
Simon Cowell

Over 25s mentored by Simon
Jamie Afro
Danyl Johnson
Olly Murs


Louis Walsh

Groups mentored by Louis
Kandy Rain
John And Edward Grimes
Miss F.R.A.N.K ( Renamed group)


Dannii Minogue

Girls mentored by Dannii
Rachel Adedeji
Stacey Soloman
Lucie Jones


Cheryl Cole

Boys mentored by Cheryl:
Lloyd Daniels
Rikki Loney
Joe McElderry


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