X Factor 2009 results – Week 2 highlights – 2009 x factor Highlights

X Factor 2009 results – Week 2 highlights – 2009 x factor Highlights

First Week’s voting ended up in Dead lock and in the end Kandy Rain got Voted off.

Week 2 Rikki Loney voted off.

Now enjoy the Highlights of last nites show.

Since the weekend, The X Factor finalists share the bill with the legendary Whitney Houston, it seemed appropriate that was the subject of today’s divas.

Next was to meet wonderful Welsh, Lucy Jones, who showed another facet of his repertoire, as they sang and danced to hit optimistic Whitney How Will I Know. The 18-year-old has already demonstrated its ability when it comes to singing ballads, which proves today, tried the whole package, be sure to work the stage with his pack of dancers the trailer.

Above the storm of applause Cheryl Lucia said something not connect properly with their performance. Simon echoed those views, but gave some credit Lucia, when he said: “I think you’re right, well, I was impressed.”

As Dannii expected support from their neighborhoods on the handle – yes, a mixed bag of reviews for the first participant.

Until next impress the judges was Olly Murs Essex boy, loved to be clearly in the center of attention for dancers Foxy. Tina Turner’s Singing Fool In Love Olly’s performance was surprisingly good reviews.

Here’s the sensitive side we have seen glimpses into the homes of judges was 34 years, Jamie Archer, who is tied to its center serenade diva Christina Aguilera anxiety riddled us, hurt. The preferred weak version of the normally rock ‘n’ Roll Jamie, a number of accolades from the judges.

“They have as much sweetness … well done!” Celebrated Dannii.

Cheryl agreed, it was a choice “great song” beams and Simon: “It’s absolutely fantastic!”

Diva week ends in style thank you to the sweet voice of Renée Solomon, who purrs her way through the song Etta James, At Last. With a mature-sounding voice that defies her bibbly-Bubbly personality, Dagenham favorite daughter comes back with a wonderfully assured performance.

Although Simon told her she should do “their own thing,” Cheryl and Dannii were full of praise.

“It looked like a pop star,” said Cheryl, Dannii, followed by an assessment that there is a realization “wonderful”.

So you have all 11-action, you want to see a return to Live Show next week, okay?