X Factor 2009 results – Week 3 highlights – 2009 x factor Highlights

X Factor 2009 results – Week 3 highlights – 2009 x factor Highlights

First Week’s voting ended up in Dead lock and in the end Kandy Rain got Voted off.

Week 2 Rikki Loney voted off.

Week 3 Miss Frank voted off

Now enjoy the Highlights of last nites show.

X Factor 2009  Results : week 3.

The mother stood before a microphone in its entirety to an interesting glamor puss mode and back to the hot performance with her incredible voice that always seems to somehow magically lose Essex twang when the music starts in.

“You look like a little princess,” said Cheryl, before a big “but”: “This is not the best thing I ever heard you sing.”

Up next, hoping that his performance was praised last week’s game Danyl Johnson crowd loved Feeling Good. In the 27-year-old teacher after a performance that will impress the judges and Simon had been “complacent sings” Cowell on their feet and praise their Lewis: “You owned the stage … I think it is an authentic performance of the night.

With two outstanding performances in the pocket, the pressure on Joe, going on stage. In Geordie went to show that it is more in her repertoire of ballads perfect notes, as he swung his hips and smiled his way through classic sway.

“I think you’re in this race to be the” last “was Louie reaction” to his execution.

“What ever thrown at you, provide a challenge,” says Simon, and added: “You are just as much Latin flair as a dolphin.” He just can not help themselves!

Simon from experience with their performance in the bouncy diva Lucy weeks back in safe areas with the ballad “My Funny Valentine. Welsh went fine show his huge talent, vocals went hand in hand with the great live band is full and Cheryl won tonight, you showed me wrong. In amazing thing is! ”

Last but not least, is the dynamic duo and John Edward. When the twins broke into the scene in pink and green, surrounded by bikini girls, it soon became clear that this young industry with its high energy version of She Bangs meant blurring.