x factor 2009 week 1-4 Gossips pictures videos

x factor 2009 week 1-4 Gossips pictures videos

Just when you thought it was safe to the hearings, the performance factors with your web return dose weekly online chat. And with the aftermath of last week’s performance of this crazy habit of chaos and the characters there is no shortage of jaw movement, the Cyber-…

What the newspapers say:

Remember, All That Jazz? The duo show Saturday? Part woman, part doggy … the failure? Thesun.co.uk reported that (Jazz dropped the little furry) his teeth into his leg Simon Cowell, after hearing negative.

Do not panic, it was not so much bite, but a playful nip at the ankles … but it is one million times more interesting than all that jazz on the stage stood.

Meanwhile Themirror.co.uk say goodbye, sweet song Heshima Thompson can be seen in Boot Camp. Are they right? Anyway, the next step is certainly some surprises for us.

Elsewhere on the Web:

Female First Blogger Melanie Cornish spoke for the majority of the online community when she wrote:

“The fear is hard to ignore the basis of apparent and how Simon had this young man,” normal “Essex Scary judges Cowell, repeating his words …” They are very, very, very cool. “Something to the point for Mr. Cowell to this performance, it. Appears Could it be that Olly has the complete package? Now, the public seemed to think.”

Yes, see Cowell confident worsdsmith always fighting to be with the spirit of an outward-liner a rare moment indeed … Olly should be proud!

Most commented on this page:

Remember, if Rhianna Umbrella was number one for the record sum of nine weeks? Now Johnson was the commented audition Danyl story of four weeks. Can anyone stop the rain? (hm).

Most commented on Facebook:

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Hearing Olivier caused an impressive 344 reviews:

Michelle Williams
This guy is good looking again today lol

Nat Fox
Was awesome all-round entertainer s voice moves me look feel it goes far

Sarah Martin
Essex boys are the best, this hottie xx

Most commented on Twitter:

Tweeter burned satisfaction with competitors, even if only one person has noticed something about looking for someone Olly:

Dermot looks and Will Young had a child together … fit!

Dermot genetically at the edges with Will? Sounds like a challenge for Presentiators.

Until next week …

It is a double-X factor the invoice as heat to the hearings on Saturday and Sunday. We can not wait to see what you mean … register and play!