xfactor 2009 Jamie Afro – Star-man on a mission!

xfactor 2009 Jamie Afro – Star-man on a mission!

Bursting on to the stage with rock and roll swagger, a vision of big hair, leather and seventies style, it soon became clear to the judges and the 2000 strong audience behind them that James Archer, or ‘Jamie Afro’, as he shall hence forth be known, was not your average auditionee.

Having chatted to Mr. Afro moments before his performance we had a hunch that there was a tremendous treat in store for the panel of power, who after a long day of ruthless rejection were waiting impatiently with a ‘No’ perched on their lips.

“My sole purpose will be to not only impress the judges, but I’m going to get that crowd going.” explained Jamie. “And I’m not going to let them go until I’ve got every single one of them singing up there!”

Yes, it seems the new addition of the live audience hadn’t fazed the lively Londoner. In fact he was delighted with the development and, with his extensive experience of playing gigs, felt that it could help him outshine his fellow performers.

“I love it! I really vibe off the audience… and I think that’s why I’m going to stand out.” He revealed hopefully.

“We’re quite an inhibited sort of bunch us British… And sometimes we need someone to come along and say it’s ok to stand up, it’s ok to clap and it’s ok to go nuts out there!”

And once the man on a mission to entertain the nation was let loose on the audience, go nuts they did! Four resounding yes’s later and Jamie was winging his way to bootcamp…  Mission accomplished!