xfactor Judge Simon being softy?

xfactor Judge Simon being softy?

Striking fear into the most confident of performers, reducing grown men to tears and causing proud grandmothers to barge on stage to defend their loved one’s honour… this is what we’ve come to expect from Simon Cowell.

King of the cutting comment that can crush a dream at 20 paces, Simon is not one for second chances and if you’re dying on stage you won’t find solace in his steely gaze. Or so we thought.

Here at The X Factor towers we think a softer side of Mr. Cowell is beginning to surface. Over the last two shows we’ve seen him let tone deaf no-hopers finish a whole song, give out alternative career advice to unsuccessful acts… and, shock horror, actually sing along with a performance.

Now, these are not the actions of our judge dread of old….